Summer Institute 2016

Meet renowned researchers and practioners - and let them meet you


Lars Munch Svendsen → Lars Munch Svendsen


DKK price 8.995 kr. (Ekskl. moms)

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For the 8th time in a row we will host Summer Institute. It will be held from 29th of June to 1st of July 2016 in Copenhagen. Along with the TAOS Institute, we welcome you to a conference where you’ll meet renowned international practitioners and researchers within fields such as consulting, organizational development, leadership, coaching and process facilitation.

We invite you into the talk about both well-known and emerging ideas, facilitated by renowned international practitioners and researchers through an open and participative atmosphere. Join us for three days filled with stimulation and inspirational ideas originating from all over the world.

We are pleased to announce that you, on this year’s Summer Institute, can meet:

  • Nora Bateson
  • Cliff Oswick
  • Sheila McNamee
  • Robin Holt
  • John Shotter
  • Lone Hersted
  • Kenneth Gergen
  • Frank Barrett
  • Karl Tomm
  • Henry Larsen
  • Mary Gergen
  • Aiden Choles
  • Emily Hartz
  • Frederik Fredslund-Andersen
  • Jesper Jørvad
  • Marianne Okholm
  • Gry Guldberg
  • Morten Kerrn
  • Klaus Bakdal
  • Anna Margrethe W. Nebel
  • Jeppe Ostersen
  • Lars Nellemann

This year Sheila McNamee, Vice-President of Taos Institute will co-host the conference instead of Kenneth Gergen. Due to health grounds Kenneth Gergen cannot take part in the Summer Institute this year. 

Jazz-session with Frank Barrett
As an extraordinary feature we conclude the Summer Institute with a special 90 minutes jazz-session with Frank Barrett, as he introduces us to the ideas behind his book, Say Yes to the Mess, by amplifying his points through the notion of live played jazz music.

Barrett focus in particular on how we best way possible can nurture an environment for mutual learning and support. And he uses jazz as a metaphor for thinking about what teams can be like when they are absolutely at their best at working together with an affirmative mindset.

The subjects on Summer Institute
The days will be filled with talks about organizatiobnal coaching, management, transformation, projekt management, social capital and much more. 

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The price is USD 1295 excl. VAT.

What you get on Summer Institute 2016

  • The option to choose between more than 30 sessions and workshops 
  • Breakfast and lunch all three days
  • Big Nordic Dinner for all participants Thursday evening
  • Tapas and music
  • Innovation Session
  • Inklusive jazz-session with Frank Barrett
  • Seminar and book reception on Graphic recording
  • The opportunity to meet renowned researchers and practitioners within fields such as consulting, organizational development, leadership, coaching and process facilitation.


Lars Munch Svendsen → Lars Munch Svendsen


DKK price 8.995 kr. (Ekskl. moms)

Ingen kursusdatoer lige nu

Meet renowned researchers and practioners

Summer Institute invites you to join for a three day journey that brings you closer to new and different theoretical and practical angles on organizations, management, communication, complexity and coaching.

Reflection, sharing, and new energy

Previous participants highlight Summer Institute as being a special place with room to openly share your ideas, reflect and be curious. This provides you with new energy and perspective for your own work in your organization.

With you all the way

One of the unique trades for the Summer Institute is that the many presenters will be participating on all three days. This means that you will meet and talk to them during lunch, when others are presenting, when they are presenting, and when you move around during the conference.

Summer Institute started in 2009 and has been joined by more than 1.000 participants since the get go.

Sign up for the Summer Institute 2016

Summer Institute is from June 29th - July 1st from Wednesday 9.15 AM to Friday 3.00 PM. The price is USD 1295 excl. VAT.

Ingen kursusdatoer lige nu

Der er ingen datoer tilgængelige på dette kursus

Summer Institute 2016

Summer Institute will be held at Ramboll in Copenhagen from June 29th - July 1st 2016

On the Summer Institute page you can click to see the program for the conference. On the site you will also find each session and workshop described, so that you can decide on which you wish to participate.


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