Process Facilitation Programme

Learn to lead changes, processes and meetings through facilitation that includes the entire organisation.


Christel Roust → Christel Roust


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In a rapidly changing world, high-engagement processes are often overlooked as a key driver of high performance and change. People flourish when they are involved and get to use their competencies and knowledge to reach a shared goal. And they perform better when working together as a team as opposed to working individually in a competitive environment. This means that leaders, consultants and key employees have to possess competencies and skills to facilitate engaging processes.

Process facilitation as a competency addresses the challenge of harvesting the benefits of any given change, making change happen, executing strategy and linking learning to performance.

Who takes part?

The course is aimed at people involved in facilitating change and collaboration in organisations. This applies to internal or external consultants, HR-partners, managers, or others engaged in strategy development and implementation, HR processes, change initiatives and stakeholder management.
  • Experienced consultants looking for theoretical foundation, new inspiration and hands-on competencies
  • Specialists wishing to include a more facilitating approach in their work
  • HR consultants/partners with the wish to step in to character within the organisation
  • Managers needing new ways to communicate with employees to create support and engagement.


Mannaz’ International Process Facilitation programme enables you to create better processes where ownership and engagement is core. The programme provides you with facilitation methods and tools that are founded in dialogue-based methods, theory and research, combined with a strong focus on co-creation as a way of making meaningful and better solutions. 

The methods, tools and theories focus on:
  • How you succeed when facilitating conversations, meetings, group sessions and workshops that are effective, purposeful and energetic.
  • How you motivate and engage participants in change and organisational development processes
  • How you develop and design a meaningful process flow in activities towards a strategy or a desired outcome.


The International Process Facilitation training will take place over 14 days consisting of 7 modules of 2 days. The program is equally divided into lively elaboration of theoretical knowledge, demonstration of powerful methods, and practical exercises and participatory training, to enhance maximum learning and benefit for the participants.

As part of the curriculum we set up study-groups as an effective strategy for enhancing learning and strengthen reflection during the training. The study groups will meet between modules to train methods, work with assignments and prepare cases.

The participants will work with their own challenges and dilemmas throughout the training, to ensure that the theories and tools contributes to the needs and challenges in their organisational context.

When you have finished the course you will receive a certificate showing that you are a trained facilitator.

Benefits for you and your organisation

  • Becoming a professional and methodically well-founded change agent in your organisation
  • Knowledge, tools and skills to work with converting strategies, goals and visions into meaningful action
  • The mindset and skills to design and facilitate engaging processes that effectively impact the organisation and the participants in a positive way
  • A large toolbox with the newest facilitation methods and –techniques
  • Practice in using intervention models within individual teams and larger groups
  • The ability to facilitate engaging processes based on a coherent framework of theory, methodology and practical skills
  • The ability to improve problem solving through a participatory approach
  • A strong eye for linking and including strategic goals within group processes.
  • A strong facilitator who is able to take action in complex situations
  • A practical and theoretically skilled facilitator which contributes to the development of a more holistic and actionable view on the value creation process
  • A consultant who has the ability to realize the organisation’s goals through dialogue and facilitation
  • An approach to processes where engagement and involvement increases creativity, motivation and collaboration in your organisation
  • An effective use of resources through value creating collaboration, where the time invested transforms to relevant organisational benefit.

Course modules

Below, please find a summary of the seven modules on the International Process Facilitation.

Module 1

Process Facilitation in practice

Module 1 kicks off the programme with a thorough introduction to process facilitation in an organisational and international context. You will get a deeper understanding of your own role as a facilitator through different views, theories and tools.

Module 1 focuses on:

  • Understanding different consultant- and facilitator positions, from which to create engaging and meaningful processes
  • Inspiration to navigate in organisational settings with employees holding varying expectations, perspectives and aims
  • Practical perspectives on how to manage facilitating in settings with participants holding contrasting international cultural backgrounds
  • How to create ownership using coaching approaches, motivating employees to take responsibility for their own tasks and challenges
  • Fundamental facilitation tools: Game Mastery as a framework to clarify purpose and expectations and guide participants through meaningful dialogues.

Module 2

Creating energy and development through facilitation

On module 2 we work towards a deeper understanding of the power of language and dialogue as key components to create lasting solutions, commitment and energy in processes.

Module 2 focuses on:

  • Facilitation techniques to create coordination, collaboration and creativity
  • Introduction to the tools from Appreciative Inquiry as theory and framework to facilitate development
  • Inspiration to use feedback as a tool to help learning and meaningful change
  • Graphic facilitation and visual templates as a method to facilitate knowledge sharing and learning in groups.

Module 3

Professional conversations

On module 3 we work with how the field of coaching can inspire the facilitator to navigate cleverly through dialogues in the organisation and create action.

Module 3 focuses on:

  • Using a coaching approach as a development tool to create motivation and realize goals and potentials in individual or in teams
  • Training in varying coaching models and tools
  • Introduction to a phase-model for developing powerful questions
  • The solution focused approach (brief coaching), a method to create agency and enable action.

Module 4

Facilitating meaningful meetings

Meetings are often the facilitator’s key arena to clarify expectations and facilitate energizing dialogues. On module 4, we work on designing and facilitating effective and engaging meetings that create real value in the organisation.

Module 4 includes:

  • Generic tools to facilitate face-to-face meetings with involvement and engagement from all participants
  • Specific focus on how to apply a facilitating mind-set in virtual meetings, webinars and online trainings
  • The meeting as an arena to clarify expectations and desired outcomes from partners or customers, in the development and design of process interventions
  • Practical training in different models for meeting facilitation.

Module 5

Facilitating change processes

A professional facilitator is good at facilitation during times of change. This module will focus on different understandings of change processes and how to design meaningful processes that facilitates the desired change.

Module 5 includes:

  • Organisational paradigms and theories on organisational change – basic assumptions, and practical implications
  • Models and approaches to develop and design change processes
  • Collaborative Co-inquiry as a method to create explorative missions with a high degree of shared engagement between management and employees
  • Introduction to theories of complexity, and practical approaches to deal with complexity and unpredictability as a fundamental condition for all changes
  • Working with own cases.

Module 6

Conflict management, large scale processes and evaluation

On module 6 we work with large group processes, evaluation and how to make conflicts a resource and foundation for development in processes.

Module 6 includes:

  • Tools to intervene in locked situations with conflicts and dilemmas
  • In the moment facilitation and feedback as key tools to facilitate development
  • Theoretical and practical approaches to large scale processes focusing on how to involve and engage many people at once
  • Designing result oriented evaluation processes based on understandings of different paradigms of evaluation.

Module 7

Personal impact – stepping into character as a facilitator

Your way of presenting yourself and your work as a facilitator affects how the process is being perceived. On this module we work with your personal power as a facilitator to enable you to step into character and create impact in your organisation. As a practical assignment each study group prepares and facilitates a workshop. Last but not least this module also ties the knot on the entire programme with time for reflection, feedback and creating personal action plans to continue the learning and application onwards. 

Module 7 includes:

  • Practical facilitation and feedback
  • Knowledge, methods and training in personal appearance aiming at developing your own style and approach
  • Training in using your body language actively as a facilitator
  • Reflection, overview of the entire program, and harvesting of insights, tools and methods
  • Diplomas, bubbles and goodbye.


Christel Roust → Christel Roust


Pris 53.900 kr. (Ekskl. moms)

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Here you can see an overview of the dates on the International Process Facilitation course.

The course consists of a total of 14 days, divided into 7 modules, and we work from kl. 9.00-16.00 all days.
In addition to the modules below, you should expect an extra day between each module for networking.

Sjælland (IPF-1)
Module 1: 28-29/11 2017
Module 2: 16-17/01 2018
Module 3: 22-23/02 2018
Module 4: 20-21/03 2018
Module 5: 19-20/04 2018
Module 6: 24-25/05 2018
Module 7: 20-21/06 2018


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