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About Attractor

Attractor offers consultancy and educational services.

In doing so, we collaborate closely with academics and systemic practitioners from around the world. 

Resting upon the principles of systemic thinking, Attractor offers consultancy and educational services. Our core area of focus is on the development of individual and collective skills in groups and organizations. Among other things, we offer services within executive and managerial development and training, coaching, communication, project management, team organizing and mergers as well as strategy and change processes.
Sustainable solutions
Our practice is built upon the fundamental principle of integrating the newest and most well-established methods and theories from research on managerial and organizational development. Therefore, we collaborate closely with academics and systemic practitioners from around the world. This knowledge we utilise constructively and respectfully as a basis for creating sustainable solutions for our customers.

Our background
We are partially an academic institution that offers courses and educational programmes on a theoretical basis, and partially a consultancy company that offers managerial training as well as skills and organisational development.

Attractor was founded in 2000 and has experienced rapid growth ever since. As a result, we now employ close to 60 people. We became a part of Ramboll Management Consulting in 2007. Our headquarter is located in Aarhus, Denmark, and we have branches in Copenhagen, Stockholm, and Olso as well.

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